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Colour Detection

Colour Detection by using Python. Tackle the difficulties of removing background and finding the similar colour

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How we achieved 83% accuracy in auto-labelling on production

We would like to predict the correct garment features from the garment title and description, by using Machine Learning. Furthermore, it's important to actually make the model production ready.

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Using Yarn with Rails

As the rise of Javascript ecosystem, Javascript libraries are needed for better user experience. This article uses Yarn to get a better JS libraries management.

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Facebook 新发布的 Yarn JS 包管理器的 5 大功能

Facebook发布了一个新的 Javascript 软件包管理器,名为 Yarn,并声称它比 npm 更快,更可靠,更安全。接下来,本文将介绍Yarn的五大功能。

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Deploy rails app to AWS with Elastic Beanstalk

An instruction of how to set up rails app with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

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A step to a journey of thousands of miles

To record every single issue that I encountered and resolved. Not only to remind myself what I have learned to conquer them, but also may help people who meet the same issues

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Introducing ReleaseHub

Deliver codes faster and easier

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AbRules - My AB testing gem

A light weight ruby AB test library based on rules